Family progress and outcomes

The Family Progress and Outcomes online survey is used to collect additional information about each family engaged under the Stronger Families Programme. Data relating to the characteristics of the family must be provided to support the national evaluation of the programme.

This evaluation data is known as Family Progress Data.  The data is gathered from the lead professional’s intelligence and tracking of the family from entry on the programme, through to case closure and achievement of outcomes.

Most of this information should be captured by data links to various different systems across the Think Family Partnerships but the survey will provide us with a small amount of information from External Lead Practitioners in the interim.  The nominations form will be re-formatted to provide a smoother process possibly with the inclusion of data gathering.  The survey has been slimmed down in size and from the start of the new financial year (2019/20) it will only need to be completed at case closure/de-escalation unless there is gap in information.

An email will be sent out to all those External Practitioners who have open cases on our system at bi-monthly intervals, 6 weeks in advance of our exceptions meetings.  We’d like to receive responses within a 2 week period to enable updates to take place on case closure/completed surveys to show outcomes achieved by members of the family.

An example of the survey as well as guidance for practitioners can be found below:

• Family Progress and Outcomes Survey

Additional guidance can be found in the Family Progress and Outcomes Survey Guidance for Lead Professionals document.

The programme has a target to work with and ‘turn around’ the lives of 4,360 families across the county by March 2020.

We have engaged and started work with 7516 families under the programme.  Results for 2093 families have been identified up to the end of December 2018.

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