Early Years Funding Information - Spring Term 2017/18

The Spring term is now open on the Provider Portal on up to and including 4 December 2017, for all registered settings to import their expected estimated hours per week for the Spring term 2017/18.

This will enable the Early Years Funding Team to process these totals and make a payment to you for the first week of the Spring Term as per the Provider Funding Agreement.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in the Portal being opened for Spring term. This was caused by unexpected technical difficulties.

At this stage you should only be submitting the estimated total hours per week per age-group at your setting.

The Early Years Funding Team will contact all providers at a later date, to let them know when the Spring term 2017/18 will be open to add your new starters, delete any leavers and review the detail of any existing children remaining with you from Autumn 2017 into Spring Term 2017/18.

Autumn term 2017 balance payments

The Autumn term payment process has now been completed as at 21st November 2017. You should be receiving confirmation of your payments imminently. Please log into the portal for details of your payment. (Select Autumn Term and Funding Tab - Summary for your overall total for each age group).

The amount of funding allocated per child for the term (plus any weightings such as EYPP, DAF Funding) is available in the Funding-Actual tab for Autumn Term 2017. You will need to select the age-group you require.

Please contact the Early Years Funding team if there are discrepancies with the totals you were expecting.

If you have had any new starters, any leavers or any change in hours for your existing children since you submitted your Autumn term claim, then please use the Pupil Funding Adjustment form via the Provider Portal to inform the EY Funding team of these changes.

Up to date guidance notes on using the Provider Portal are available below:

If you require further details please contact the Early Years Funding team on the details below.

Early Years Funding Team
Durham County Council
County Hall

Tel: 03000 262789
Email: EYfunding@durham.gov.uk

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