Adaptations and Equipment

There are lots of types of equipment which can help you to live with your disability or special educational needs.

Changes to your home

If you have a disability, we can help you to change your home, to make it easier for you to living there. Changes can be made to things like walls, floor or doors to make your home better for you. Visit the Living independently - get help at home page on Durham County Council's website to find out more.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If a member of your household struggles to get around the house safely because they are disabled or elderly, there may be help available. Disabled facilities grants assist people to live independently by helping to fund suitable adaptations to their properties.

Borrowing and buying equipment

The Community Equipment Service specialises in lending equipment to people who are ill or disabled to help with their nursing, social and rehabilitation care.

If you have borrowed equipment that you no longer require please contact Medequip who will arrange to collect it, telephone 01325 524 531 or email

Equipment help and advice

The Equipment Advice Service is available to anyone who lives in County Durham and has difficulty with everyday activities. They give information to help people live independently over the telephone on Tel: 03000 265 667 or or by email

Alternatively, contact us to make an appointment to visit our Independent Living House in Spennymoor. You can try out a range of equipment including walking frames, stools, bath and stairlifts, telecare equipment and sensory support products.

Although we do not sell equipment we can provide you with a list of suppliers.


Durham County Council's Families Information Service does not promote nor endorse the services advertised on this website. Anyone seeking to use/access such services does so at their own risk and may make all appropriate enquiries about fitness for purpose and suitability to meet their needs.
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