Preparing for adulthood - transitions

Between the ages of 13 and 25 young people usually have to make important decisions about their education choices, leaving home, getting a job, managing money and having relationships. These decisions can be both exciting and challenging. However, for young people with additional needs, it can be a confusing and complicated time.

From year nine, disabled young people start going through what we call transition. We use this term to describe the move they’ll make from children’s services to adult services. It affects social care, health, and education.

We will ensure all young people with an additional need and their carers have access to a planned, positive progression as they approach adulthood. We will make sure the young person’s needs and choices are fully explored and support them to be as independent as they can possibly be.

More information can be found Durham County Council's transition from childhood to adulthood page. The Department for Work and Pensions also provides guidance on help and support for young disabled people to find and stay in work.


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