If you are looking for legal advice we can help. We are a firm of solicitors and we deal with legal issues including:  family law power of attorney employment education wills and probate mediation (including SEND mediation) If you think you might benefit from our…
0191 372 6835
We are a specialised museum entirely devoted to the art and archaeology of Asia. Our broad and beautiful collection spans South-East Asia, Tibet, China, Japan, Korea, Ancient Egypt as well as the Islamic world.  Since its opening in 1960, our collection has grown across the years -…
0191 334 5691
Porphyria is a group of rare conditions which is often portrayed in a dismal light. Although the disorders can in some cases be very severe, there are many reasons to be optimistic and with the right information, you can live a normal life.  We can provide you and…
0300 302 0030
At RTProjects, we believe that creativity is fundamental to a fulfilled life. We run a range of programmes that focus on positive mental wellbeing, by enabling people to find and nurture dormant creative interests and hidden talents within themselves. We offer an extensive range of activities,…
0191 384 9745

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