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Families Anonymous is a self-help fellowship for the parents, partners, relatives and friends of drug users and those with behavioural problems. Based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, our programme's focus is on the family and supporting them in coping with the addict. This…
0207 4984 680
We aim to offer ways for local people with drug and alcohol problems to become free from their dependence. We also want to reduce the problems that substance misuse causes to families, friendships, workplaces and communities in County Durham. We have staff who are specially…
03000 266 666
Providing information, advice and support for everyone affected by a parent's drinking, whether a child, young person or adult. You can be a child of an alcoholic at 1 or 101. Whatever your age, it doesn't change the fact that your parent drinks too much,…
0800 358 3456 (helpline)
0117 924 8005 (admin)
We run a free service in County Durham to assist people who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Our 24/7 helpline allows people to phone and chat with our team of addiction counsellors regarding their own sobriety or a loved one in need of help.…
0207 205 2845
Life is tough. It throws a lot your way and it can be hard to know what to do with it all. We are here to sift through the embarrassing problems, weird questions, and “please-don’t-make-me-say-it-out-loud thoughts” that you have. We don’t have all the answers,…
0808 808 4994
If you need help, advice or just someone to listen, you need Streetwise. We offer free, friendly, confidential advice and support service for young people aged 11 - 25 years. Topics include: C Card (free condom scheme) careers, education and training chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing counselling cyber…
0191 230 5400
We are a national charity working with families affected by drugs and alcohol. We provide a range of publications and resources for families about substances, addiction and criminal justice. Our online database of local support groups can help you find out about groups in your area, so you…
We offer a treatment and recovery service for alcohol and other drugs for all age groups. We aim to offer ways for local people with drug and alcohol problems to become free from their dependence. Please see our website for further details.
03000 266 666
FRANK helps you find out everything you might want to know about drugs (and some stuff you don't). For friendly, confidential advice, talk to FRANK. Live chat is available on our website daily from 2.00pm - 6.00pm 7 days a week.
0300 123 6600
Text: 82111
We believe alcoholism affects the whole family, not just the drinker. We are an international organisation with over 800 support groups in the UK and Republic of Ireland. We are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience in order to solve their…
0800 008 6811

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