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If your sight is poor - or if you have another disability that prevents you reading print - you can still enjoy all the pleasure a good book brings.Our library has the largest lending collection of audio books in the UK in open format -…
01296 432 339
We offer encouragement and support to blind and partially-sighted chess players. We run over-the-board and postal tournaments, and a library of chess study material in different formats. We arrange regular tournaments throughout the year. We can supply modified chess sets suitable for use by blind…
01142 305 995
We are a postal and online audio book library for people who find it difficult to read due to illness or disability, including mental health issues or learning difficulties such as dyslexia. We have a huge range of titles for adults and children and also cover the…
0207 234 0522
0207 407 9417
The Compassionate Friends is an organisation of bereaved parents offering support, understanding and friendship to others after the loss of a child, of any age, from any cause.  We offer a national telephone helpline, staffed only by bereaved parents, who are available for support and…
0345 123 2304
We are a specialised museum entirely devoted to the art and archaeology of Asia. Our broad and beautiful collection spans South-East Asia, Tibet, China, Japan, Korea, Ancient Egypt as well as the Islamic world.  Since its opening in 1960, our collection has grown across the years -…
0191 334 5694
0191 334 5691
We are a postal lending library of children's picture books with the braille text interleaved on clear plastic sheets. Our books are suitable for visually impaired adults reading with sighted children. Over 14,000 books are available, fiction and non-fiction, and the books are ideal for…
0208 789 9575
We are a charity commited to both research programmes and individual advocacy support. Our voluntary support group helps over 1,300 individuals suffering from Mucopolysaccharide and related diseases throughout the UK, their families and carers.We are entirely supported by voluntary donations and fund-raising, and run by our members themselves.Our aims…
0345 389 9901
Fax: 0345 389 9902

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