Help for children with an identified special educational need without an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan

SEN support will be available in school for children and young people who have a special educational need but do not need an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. Additional SEN support aims to meet a child or young person's needs so that they can meet their individual outcomes.

The school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) has day to day responsibility for co-ordinating specific provision made to support individual pupils with SEN.  They will support other colleagues in school and will work closely with parents and professionals from other agencies.

All mainstream schools are provided with resources to support children with additional needs including pupils with SEN and disabilities. Schools have an amount identified in their overall budget called the notional SEN budget. Further information about school funding is available on the school funding page.

In County Durham, SEN support may be set out through a costed provision map and a SEN Support plan. To meet a child’s special educational need, the SEN planning tools outline:

  • Assessment and planning.
  • Teaching and learning strategies.
  • Curriculum interventions and resources required, including staffing.

Children, young people and parents or carers will be involved in making decisions about the support available in the SEN Support plan. The SEN Support plan will be produced by the school in partnership with the child and parent or carer.

The SEN Support plan will be kept under review but if you disagree with the support your child is receiving, the first people to talk to are your child's teacher or the SENCO of the school or setting.

If you are still not satisfied, you can request a meeting with your setting's manager, head teacher, principal or similar. All schools also have a SEN Link Governor who can look into your concerns as well. If you would like advice and support then contact the impartial Durham SEND Information Advice and Support Service.

You can also raise concerns about provision within a school with Ofsted.


Durham County Council's Families Information Service does not promote nor endorse the services advertised on this website. Anyone seeking to use/access such services does so at their own risk and may make all appropriate enquiries about fitness for purpose and suitability to meet their needs.
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