Howletch Lane Primary School

We provide a caring and stimulating environment for children. We are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all pupils whatever their needs and abilities.

We offer Enhanced Mainstream Provision for pupils with physical difficulties in our 12 place resource base.

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When is it on?

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Monday to Friday 9.00am - 3.25pm

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Mrs H Adair
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Head Teacher
0191 586 2765
Fax: 0191 586 7370

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Pennine Drive
County Durham

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£3.00 for breakfast club.
£5.00 per session or £20.00 a week for after school club
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Free 3/4 yr places
Free 2 yr places
Will be providing 30 hours

Local Offer

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We are an inclusive school, catering for a wide range of SEN, including pupils with:

  • communication and interaction needs
  • cognition and learning needs
  • social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • sensory or physical needs

We welcome all children and values them as individuals, treating them equally and with respect. We believe that all children have the right to have their own particular needs recognised and addressed in order to achieve success. We believe that all teachers are teachers of children with SEN and it is therefore a whole school responsibility to ensure that these children’s needs are addressed. Through staff working together as a team, and in partnership with pupils and their parents, we strive to ensure that the following aims are met.

Contact name
Miss C Smith
Contact telephone
0191 586 2765
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SEND at Howletch Lane Primary School

How do you identify Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)?

How does the setting/school/college know if children/young people need extra help and what should I do if I think my child/young person may have special educational needs?

We aim to identify SEN as early as possible. It is important that there is early identification, assessment and provision for any child who may have SEN. The earlier action is taken, the more responsive the child is likely to be, and the more readily an intervention can be made.

Identification may come as a result of the following methods of assessment:

  • Prior to admission – Parents are asked to supply us with certain information when they put their child’s name down for the nursery unit or school. They are asked to include details of any difficulties in their child’s development.
  • In the nursery unit – The details given at the time of application for a nursery place are all checked on admission, amendments made and supplementary information noted.
  • On entering school - This is continued into Reception and progress against the Early Learning Goals are recorded and reported at the end of the year. 

Through their discussions, observations, assessments and data analysis the SENCO, class teachers, key workers and support staff will identify any children who appear to have SEN. Children with SEN may also be identified by outside agencies and organisations.

Parents and carers may also inform the SENCO or teaching staff of any concerns and possible Special Educational Needs. When a child is identified as having SEN they will be placed on the SEN register as school support.

How will you support my child with their special educational needs and disability?

How will early years setting/school/college staff support my child/young person?

We understand that children learn and develop in different ways. Teachers and teaching assistants recognise this and use different teaching styles, resources and plan different levels of work in the classroom to cater for the various ways children learn. However, many children, at some time in their school life, need extra help.

We consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the pastoral, medical and social needs of SEND children are met. These include our Parent Support Advisor, School Counsellor and Connecting with Children providers.

Ensuring that all children attending our school receive provision that maximises their enjoyment and achievement is central to all offered. Consultation with families is the key to securing success in this area.

How will you make sure my child's education meet their needs?

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's young person's needs?

All pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level and a pace that is appropriate to their abilities. Our SEND philosophy places SEND children at the heart of personalised learning and the curriculum is tailored to meet individual pupils needs.
At times and when it is felt appropriate, modifications to the curriculum may be implemented.

To successfully match pupil ability to the curriculum we remain committed to:

  • A range of teaching and learning styles.
  • Differentiated learning materials.
  • Access to ICT and Technology.
  • Additional in class support.
  • Additional out of class support.
  • Many Enrichment and Enjoyment opportunuties to stimulate and motivate learning.
  • Flexible groupings – including small group support work.
  • An innovative and supportive curriculum.
  • The appropriate use of rewards and sanctions.
  • A broad range of extra-curricular activities, including homework club, one to one support and booster/extension sessions.
  • Assessment procedures that emphasise pupils’ strengths and achievements.

How will we know my child is progressing?

How will both you and I know how my child/young person is doing and how will you help me to support my child's/young person's learning?

The progress of children with SEN is monitored in a number of ways.

These include:

  • Reviewing of support plan targets
  • Discussion at review meetings
  • Regular Reading and Spelling tests
  • Optional SATs
  • Key Stage 1 and 2 SATs
  • Record Sheets for specific Intervention Programmes
  • School tracking systems

All parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs will be treated as partners and supported to play an active and valued role in their pupil’s education. We will always keep parents/carers well informed about their child’s special needs and invite them to all review meetings.

How will you support my child's overall wellbeing?

What support will there be for my child's/young person's overall wellbeing?

We consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the pastoral, medical and social needs of SEND children are met.

These include:

  • Parent Support Advisor
  • School Counsellor
  • Connecting with Children providers

What specialist services and expertise is available at or accessed by the staff?

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the setting/school/college?

We have very strong links with a wide range of external agencies and services, providing a wealth of expertise for our children with SEN.

These include:

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Educational Psychology
  • ASD Team
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Specialist Support Services for children with Physical Disabilities
  • Parent Partnership
  • Health, including School Nurse and Health Visitors
  • School Counsellor
  • Social Services

My child is going to be starting or leaving soon, how will you help them?

How will the setting/school/college prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting/school/college or the next stage of education and life?

Transition begins with a meeting for parents to set out the procedures and expectations for their child's time in school. Parents are also informed of all of the ways their child can be supported during their time with the school.

Transition sessions towards the end of the summer term prove successful to support children move from the infant to the junior class.

We have strong and successful links with the local secondary schools in our area. The staff from these schools work across our KS2 classes at different times of the year.


Durham County Council's Families Information Service does not promote nor endorse the services advertised on this website. Anyone seeking to use/access such services does so at their own risk and may make all appropriate enquiries about fitness for purpose and suitability to meet their needs.
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