Parent/Carer Declaration Forms

Funding headcounts require that parents/carers must complete a Declaration Form for the first funding period that a child attends your setting. The detail below tells you how to complete the form.

The declaration form is available below for you to pass on to the parents/carers of all children accessing funding at your establishment for completion.     

Parents/Carers must complete this form at the beginning of the first funding period in which their child is funded, to confirm the hours of attendance per week that their child is at your setting.  

Section 1

Parents should complete with the funded child’s details (including their ethnicity details-see details below). Proof of ID confirming date of birth of the child should be given to the Early Years setting to be verified.

Section 2

Parents please complete with your details, including Date of Birth and National Insurance number. This detail is  mandatory for an eligibility check be done to confirm qualification for Early Years Pupil Premium (3 and 4 year olds only). For 30 hours extended entitlement (3 and 4 year olds only) we require the Parents National Insurance number only.

For those accessing a funded 2-year old place we require the Parents National Insurance number only.

Section 3

Please confirm the age group that you are claiming funding. Please be aware that 2 year old children need to go through an eligibility process. Universal entitlement is available to all 3 and 4 year olds. Those 3 and 4 year olds wishing to access the 30 hours Extended entitlement also need to go through an eligibility process.

Use this section to apply for any additional funding claims for Disability Access Funding and also Early Years Pupil Premium. By ticking the relevant box, the parent is giving Durham County Council approval to do an eligibility check on the details provided on this form (both 3 and 4 years old only). Qualification is not universal and is subject to eligibility checks.

Section 4

Providers should complete this section and confirm they have verified the necessary documentation for sections 1-3 above, along with any eligibility codes for those claiming 30 hours extended eligibility (3 and 4 year olds) or 2 year eligibility codes.

Section 5

Parents need to declare all of the settings (maximum of three in any one term) and the days of the week attending each setting along with hours per week at each setting and indicate any stretched funding allocation if applicable.

If a child is accessing more than one setting then providers need to take a copy of this form and forward this to the EY Funding team. Otherwise, for those accessing only one setting, providers must retain this document for potential audit purposes for a period of three years.

If a child qualifies for Disability Access Funding (DAF), and that child is attending more than one setting, then the parents need to nominate the setting to receive the funding.
If there are any potential funding disputes between providers over the hours/weeks of attendance of a funded child, these will be determined by the council, and evidence of a setting’s registers may be requested to verify the attendance of a disputed child’s attendance.

Section 6

This should be signed by the Parent/Carer and also a representative of the Early Years Provider.

Additional information

Detail regarding Data Privacy Legislation and Durham County Council’s Privacy Notice can be found below, as well as conditions in relation to:

  • Eligibility for free education for 2-year olds
  • Eligibility for the extended entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds
  • Eligibility for Early Years Pupil Premium

Privacy Notice: Durham County Council, Children and Young Peoples Services - Education Support Services

Ethnicity and SEN Guidance

Can providers please ensure that the parent/carer of any funded child please complete the ethnicity detail in section 1 of the Parent/Carer Declaration Form in the child’s first term of funding. There is a guide to the codes within the declaration form, but for your information, the detail is now available on the link below also.


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