Disability Access Fund (DAF)

The Disability Access Fund (DAF) helps providers to make reasonable adjustments in their settings, either to support an individual child, or for the benefit of all children attending the setting.

A child will be eligible if they are in receipt of child disability living allowance and are receiving free early education for 3 and 4 year olds. Please note: children will not be eligible if they are in a primary school reception class.

If a setting has eligible children they will be entitled to receive (from the first term that an application is made) a one payment of £615 per child each calendar year that the child attends. If the child attends more than one setting only the main setting will receive the payment. The child’s parents will choose which is the main setting.

If a child moves settings within the financial year the new setting will not be eligible to receive a payment until the next financial year.

How to claim - Summer Funding Period 2019

Settings and schools will claim through the Provider Portal on the eligible child’s individual record. Please complete the “NOMINATED FOR DAF” section. Settings and schools will be expected to see evidence of the child's Disability Living Allowance eligibility and retain this evidence for audit purposes.

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