Supporting Special Educational Needs

On this page you will find useful documents, guidance and templates to use as part of the graduated approach to supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

Quality First Teaching (QFT)

QFT aims to engage and support the learning of all children & young people. It places a strong focus on pupil participation in learning.

Within this section you will find:

Pupil Profiles

Outlines information about a child/young person’s needs that can be shared with staff.

Short Note

Early identification is the key to supporting a pupil's needs. A 'short note' of early discussions with parents/carers should be added to the pupil's record, monitored on a regular basis in partnership with parents/carers. These templates can be adapted by settings.

Planning Tools

These tools describe the type of support that early years providers, schools and colleges should making for pupils.

Early Years Planning Tools

Planning Tools for mainstream schools

Further Education and Post 16 Planning Tools

My Story

This can be used by a child/young person and parent/carers to record background information, so that they do not have to repeat this information to different professionals.

SEN Support

Within this section you will find documentation, guidance and templates to help support a child/young person with special educational needs:

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